Learn English at EFL

Design Your Life, Design Your Course

EFL’s students leap ahead in English. That has been confirmed by two independent studies. Our Design Your Life, Design Your Course method is the consequence of EFL’s research.

EFL Techniques

Every student is given a highly customized learning plan and set of learning materials based on very precise diagnostic tests. Following our research the number of study hours in order to improve a student’s English skills is at least 3 per week with small class size (maximum 8). In addition, there are 4 factors for non-English speaking students to help improve their English skills as quickly as possible. EFL’s teaching methodologies are designed to be challenging and engaging. The EFL Special Method enables a teacher to comfortably provide instruction to several students at any time. Parents also benefit as they can deliver their children to EFL Learning Centre at the time most convenient for them. An ideal education model. An ideal one-stop-service system model. And best of all, ideal for the student.

We are Different!

  • Energetic atmosphere encouraging students to learn more
  • Lively colours applied in EFL’s classrooms based on colour psychology
  • Friendly and professional service
  • Smart, modern, and chic
  • Progression monitored