Do you dream to open your

own language school?

Our EFL Partner School System (PSS) helps school owners to open and operate their language school business professionally and effectively. Our Franchise options are affordable and offer extensive business, regulatory, academic, and foreign teacher support. Contact us today to discuss further.

Why should you become an EFL Partner School?

  1. A proven and successful business model.
  2. Reasonable Franchise fees: US$3,400 Annual License fee (100,000 Thai Baht) or US$299 monthly payments (9,000 THB) over each 1-year period.
  3. You can create your own brand for your own language school.
  4. You will benefit from sharing our Internationally recognized certifications. We are ISO 9001 compliant, a Training Qualifications UK Training Centre, and we are licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education to conduct English, Thai and TEFL training.
  5. 3 Key Supports: Path to Success
    1. An International Standard Course Management System
    2. An International Standard Academic Management System
    3. Operational Supplementary Support:
      1. VISA and Work Permit Support for foreign teachers
      2. Experienced foreign teachers with non-immigrant B visas and work permits, and ready-to-use teaching materials and progress tests
  • Mock IELTS Exams and Analysis reports for the results
  1. Educational IT Support
  2. Social Marketing Support

What are the EFL Partner School Eligibility Requirements?

  1. If your answers are “YES” for these 4 simple questions, you are eligible to become an EFL Partner School:

4 Simple Questions YES NO Others
(Please explain)
1. Do you have a building suitable for setting up a language school?
2. Do you have your brand for your language school?
3. Has your school got a school license issued by a government authority in your country?
4. Is it easy to find foreign teachers where your school is located?

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